ABCs (Art, Beer, and Cigarettes) in Antipolo

It’s practically par for the course of a twenty-something to feel burned out. We’re tired all the time, relying heavily on caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine to get us through the day. We’re pressured in almost all aspects of life, burdened with social, financial and/or work, family, and school responsibilities. On top of all that, we’re … More ABCs (Art, Beer, and Cigarettes) in Antipolo

La Donya Aurora

There’s nothing I love more than a destination that combines history and culture with the wonders of nature. The province of Aurora in northeastern Philippines did more than deliver. It body-slammed me with its sheer beauty and pile-drived me into a sense of wonder and amazement. Weird metaphor, but stay with me here. Point is, … More La Donya Aurora