#IKansaiClearlyNow: Osaka + Universal Studios Japan

Okay, wow, this installment of #IKansaiClearlyNow is so late. I’m so sorry. You know how it is. Academics, work, social life – sometimes I wonder how I’m still alive, haha. For our third and fourth in Japan, we explored our “home base”, Osaka. We didn’t have as much activities planned for these days, so we … More #IKansaiClearlyNow: Osaka + Universal Studios Japan

#IKansaiClearlyNow Pt. 2: Nara Park + Dōtonbori

So I was planning on consistently blogging about this trip each day, but tiredness got the better of me. Here I am, sitting in Kansai International Airport waiting for our flight to Taipei, and I’m only just now typing up the second part of my #IKansaiClearlyNow series. For day two (three, technically, but I don’t … More #IKansaiClearlyNow Pt. 2: Nara Park + Dōtonbori

Musings in Elyu

A few weeks ago, around the beginning of June, some friends and I took a weekend trip to La Union. None of us had ever been, although the boyfriend and I have gone surfing in Baler (check out my Travel Journal here and my Travel Guide here). We were in luck. The north swells had … More Musings in Elyu

ABCs (Art, Beer, and Cigarettes) in Antipolo

It’s practically par for the course of a twenty-something to feel burned out. We’re tired all the time, relying heavily on caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine to get us through the day. We’re pressured in almost all aspects of life, burdened with social, financial and/or work, family, and school responsibilities. On top of all that, we’re … More ABCs (Art, Beer, and Cigarettes) in Antipolo