Life Lately #4: Officially back from the dead, y’all!

I spent ten minutes dithering over an email, the cursor hovering over the send button. Attached to the email was my final term paper for PA208 – the last requirement I had to pass before my semester was officially over. I mentally ran through my “preflight check”. I had proofread twice, checked all my citations, … More Life Lately #4: Officially back from the dead, y’all!

Life Lately #3

My midterms are over, which means I’m halfway through the semester! The circles under my eyes are darker, I rarely get more than four to five hours of sleep a night, and I’ve lost weight (not good, because my weight loss is from not having the time to eat rather than actively dieting and exercising), … More Life Lately #3

Life Lately #2

A year ago, I felt on the verge of a new chapter in my life. Today, I’m about to finish that chapter, and start on a new one. In my last Life Lately, I talked about how I applied to the Master’s in Public Administration program at UP Diliman. I’d deferred getting an MA right … More Life Lately #2

Life Lately #1

May has been a bit of a difficult month for me, blogging-wise. I haven’t had an update since May 8! Life, as is its wont, got in the way. So because I’m conceited enough to think my friends and readers want to know what’s going on in my life, here’s my first ever actual diary-type … More Life Lately #1