November 2016 Reads

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas. I myself was pretty busy, not just with work, but with preparations for the season. You know what they say about Christmas in the Philippines – it starts in September. Anyway, I got a lot of books this Christmas, which of course reminded me … More November 2016 Reads

June 2016 Reads

Once again, I’ve met my goal of reading four books for the month of June! I am on a roll. (Okay, so I’m not even halfway through my Goodreads challenge – only 19 out of 50 – but I have six months to go! And if I stick to at least four books per month, … More June 2016 Reads

May 2016 Reads

This year, as part of an effort to revive my old bookworm self, I joined the Goodreads Challenge and pledged to read at least fifty books by the end of the year. As you can probably imagine, I am woefully behind on my reading. I thought blogging about each month’s reads would keep on the … More May 2016 Reads