The Last Jedi’s Lesson on Trust, Respect, and Leadership

Like most of the rest of the free world, I was able to watch The Last Jedi (shoutout to Globe for the free tickets lmao). And, like the fangirl that I am (please note that Rogue One dragged me kicking and screaming back into this fandom, which I thought I had left behind in high … More The Last Jedi’s Lesson on Trust, Respect, and Leadership

Life Lately #4: Officially back from the dead, y’all!

I spent ten minutes dithering over an email, the cursor hovering over the send button. Attached to the email was my final term paper for PA208 – the last requirement I had to pass before my semester was officially over. I mentally ran through my “preflight check”. I had proofread twice, checked all my citations, … More Life Lately #4: Officially back from the dead, y’all!

#IKansaiClearlyNow: Osaka + Universal Studios Japan

Okay, wow, this installment of #IKansaiClearlyNow is so late. I’m so sorry. You know how it is. Academics, work, social life – sometimes I wonder how I’m still alive, haha. For our third and fourth in Japan, we explored our “home base”, Osaka. We didn’t have as much activities planned for these days, so we … More #IKansaiClearlyNow: Osaka + Universal Studios Japan

#IKansaiClearlyNow Pt. 2: Nara Park + Dōtonbori

So I was planning on consistently blogging about this trip each day, but tiredness got the better of me. Here I am, sitting in Kansai International Airport waiting for our flight to Taipei, and I’m only just now typing up the second part of my #IKansaiClearlyNow series. For day two (three, technically, but I don’t … More #IKansaiClearlyNow Pt. 2: Nara Park + Dōtonbori

Life Lately #3

My midterms are over, which means I’m halfway through the semester! The circles under my eyes are darker, I rarely get more than four to five hours of sleep a night, and I’ve lost weight (not good, because my weight loss is from not having the time to eat rather than actively dieting and exercising), … More Life Lately #3