Musings in Elyu

A few weeks ago, around the beginning of June, some friends and I took a weekend trip to La Union. None of us had ever been, although the boyfriend and I have gone surfing in Baler (check out my Travel Journal here and my Travel Guide here). We were in luck. The north swells had … More Musings in Elyu

Life Lately #1

May has been a bit of a difficult month for me, blogging-wise. I haven’t had an update since May 8! Life, as is its wont, got in the way. So because I’m conceited enough to think my friends and readers want to know what’s going on in my life, here’s my first ever actual diary-type … More Life Lately #1

Pia Cayetano: The Taylor Swift of Philippine Congress

Pull up a chair and sit down, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. Grab yourselves a string of pearls to clutch, a fainting pillow, or some smelling salts, because this post is gonna get ugly. Yep, Kate’s talking politics. (I understand that people don’t want to get political on their blogs, and they don’t want to … More Pia Cayetano: The Taylor Swift of Philippine Congress