Has it really been a year?

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It’s been two weeks since WordPress informed me that it’s officially been a year since I first started blogging. On March 3, 2016, I hit ‘publish’ on my first ever blog post (which you can find here, if you’re so inclined). My blogging anniversary (blogiversary? I don’t know what these things are called) has come and gone and I still don’t know what to do to celebrate – or even if I should celebrate, for that matter.

I’m not a famous blogger, and I don’t aspire to it. I can’t celebrate my blogiversary the way these famous bloggers do. I certainly don’t have the resources to host a giveaway, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to host one. Still, I should do something to mark the anniversary, right? It’s not everyday one’s blog turns a year old.

I remember, I wrote in a previous post (25 Before 25: A Bucket List of Sorts) that one of my goals was to maintain a blog for more than a year. I still can’t believe I’ve actually done it!

Where was I a year ago?

If you’ve read my first post, you’ll know that life wasn’t exactly a bed of roses for me. I had just dropped out of law school, and had no idea what to do next. I had a career crisis of epic proportions. Those were some dark times, needless to say, and I turned to blogging to distract myself from the worries and frustrations that kept creeping up on me.

But while I never want to go back to being that helpless and hopeless again, I did learn some valuable lessons. I learned how a career crisis is not always a bad thing, and it’s never the end. I learned to love all the things I had given up to chase a dream that wasn’t even mine. I learned how to set out on a path untrod, unexplored, and go after what I want, instead of what others expect of me

My circumstances improved. I found a job, in a field that had always fascinated me since my undergraduate days. I made new friends, and rekindled my relationship with old ones. I rediscovered all the things I loved to do. Essentially, I began to live again.

When I first started this blog, I thought it was going to be a place for my rants and insecurities. And while, in some way, it has been a form of catharsis for my frustrations in everyday life, it’s no longer just that. It’s also, like the tagline says, a diary. It’s a testament to my existence. It’s proof that once there was a girl named Kate, and this was what her life was like.

But aside from chronicling my life, one of the things I love the most about getting into blogging is all the blogs I’ve discovered which  now read regularly! I follow a variety of blogs – book blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, style blogs, blogs on politics and current events – and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and gained from them. I’ve read advice, tips, information, valuable insights – and I’ve made some really good friends.

So what’s in store for Be Quiet Kate?

To be honest?

I have no – pardon the French – fucking idea.

I’m not gonna stop blogging. Most definitely not. I’ve fallen in love with the art of it, the words, the photos, the interactions. But I don’t know in what direction this blog is headed? Is it a travel blog? A book blog? A lifestyle blog? No clue.

The bloggers I follow all seem to have set goals for their blogs: this number of followers by this certain time, stats to aspire to, a niche they want to fill. Do I want my blog to be something I can make money off of, or just – as I said before – a diary, a chronicle of my life?

A part of me is leaning towards yes. I don’t know if I have what it takes to try and monetize my blog. God knows I barely have the time. But it looks like something that could be interesting, something that I might enjoy. And at any rate either way, it’ll be something new.

But there’s also a part of me that’s vehemently shaking its head, holding its hands up, and backing away slowly. My life is already pretty stressful on its own. Do I really need to add the hassle of worrying about stats, followers, ads, promotions, SEO, and a bunch of other incomprehensible blogger-jargon that is needed – nay, essential! – in order to be a considered a “successful” blogger?

I’ll let you know when I’ve figured that out. For now, I guess it’s gonna be business as usual, with me posting blog entries whenever I feel like it, on whatever I feel like writing about.

(If you have anything to say about my conundrum though, please do sound off in the comments! I’d love some advice, to be honest.)

I think I’ve rambled long enough!

Basically I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone whose blogs I discovered. I’ve learned so much from you guys. And to everyone who’s followed and is still following this blog – I love you all! I don’t know what it is about my blog that made you want to stick around, but I am muy grateful!

Happy one year, Be Quiet Kate, and here’s to more years ahead!



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