The one where there’s love for everyone


So, last year, I wrote about what the boyfriend and I did for Valentine’s Day. For this year’s February 14th, I thought I’d write about what I think of Valentine’s Day instead. Anyway, the boyfriend and I don’t have plans since it’s smack-dab in the middle of the week and with work and school, we don’t really have the time to go out. (Although we did spend last weekend at Cagbalete Island as a sort of pre-Valentine’s Day date thing. I’ll be blogging about that soon!)

To put it simply, I believe Valentine’s Day is about love. No, not just romantic love, although social media has made it seem so. Love, plain and simple, encompasses everything. Haven’t there been movies aplenty reminding us that the love of a boyfriend or a girlfriend isn’t the only kind that exists?

It’s a lesson that we need to relearn, I think.

Love your friends. The one who’s been there for you for as long as you can remember. The one who’s never too busy for a cup of coffee and a little chat. The one with whom you can share your hopes and dreams for the future. The one who’s always ready with a glass of water and paracetamol when your hungover ass wakes up after a night out. The one who asks you if you’ve eaten. The one who reminds you to take your medicines. The one who urges you out of your shell, who encourages you to step out of your comfort zone.

Love your family. Your mom, who would do anything for her baby. Your dad, who would offer you the world on a silver plate. Your younger siblings, who look up to you. Your older siblings, who will always protect you. The cousins you grew up with who became your first friends. The aunts and uncles and grandparents who always remember your birthday and send over a little something, who annoy you with relentless questions about your future.

Love yourself. This one, we always forget. Valentine’s Day is about love, and that includes loving yourself. In this whole world, no one else is thinking exclusively about your own welfare than you. No one else is as devoted to your improvement, well-being, and safety as you are. Show yourself some love. Buy your own flowers and chocolate. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine, or a cup of hot chocolate. Put on your favorite movies. Go out by yourself. Read a book. Do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. No matter what your circumstances in life are, you deserve it.

Keep telling yourself that, as many times as you need to. No matter what, you deserve to be happy. You deserve to love yourself.

This capitalist society of ours, not to mention the advent of social media, has made Valentine’s Day into a holiday where we want more, where we focus on what we don’t have. But I believe the purpose of Valentine’s Day is the exact opposite. Valentine’s Day was meant to be appreciative of the things that we do have.

If you’re happy in a relationship, appreciate your significant other. Acknowledge everything that you have with this person and be grateful that they’re in your life.

If you’re not in a relationship, appreciate your friends and family. There’s love there, too. And that love deserves to be recognized.

And whether or not you’re in a relationship, appreciate yourself. Appreciate all you’ve done, and all you continue to do. Focus on your dreams, your aspirations, your goals in life. Focus on how hard you’ve worked. Find the beauty and wonder in yourself.

There’s love in your life. There’s always love in your life. From a significant other, from your friends and family, or from yourself. No matter who you are, there is love in your life.

And all this love deserves to be celebrated.


2 thoughts on “The one where there’s love for everyone

  1. Very nice take on V-Day! I think V-Day got really, really, REALLY commercialized with all the stuff catered for couples that we forgot that Valentine’s can be about other kinds of love, too. 🙂

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