Taking a leap off Bokong Falls


A couple of my friends recently took a weekend trip to Sagada, and seeing their photos reminded me that I’m not actually done blogging about my trip to Sagada over the Halloween weekend from last year. I already talked about hiking Mt. Kiltepan, and now I wanna share our experience hiking to and swimming at Bokong Falls!  

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Having breakfast at Sagada Brew before we headed to Bokong – their beef tapa is to die for!

Bokong Falls is not the most spectacular waterfalls in Sagada, but it’s certainly no slouch in terms of beauty. The falls are tucked away in a partly-forested, partly-cultivated area, only a short hike from the town. It’s the smallest of Sagada’s three falls, but what it lacks in stature, it more than makes up for with its beauty. There are two surges of water, cascading over rocky outcroppings and dropping into a pool that’s more than twenty feet deep. This makes it perfect for jumping.

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The best thing about our hike to Bokong is that we had it all to ourselves! Actually, that weekend, we had most of Sagada all to ourselves. A typhoon had made landfall in the Philippine Area of Responsibility just a few days prior to that trip, and most people canceled their travel plans in preparation for that. Because we are irresponsible YOLO-ing little shits, my friends and I pushed through with our Sagada plans. Luck smiled down on us, because Sagada – protected by the Cordillera Mountains – was not affected by the typhoon at all.

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The hike is a little confusing – I can’t even begin to explain it online. Still, I assure you, you won’t get lost. The trail passes through a small residential area, so you can ask any locals you may encounter for directions. (Remember to be polite though!) After the small grouping of houses, you pass through rice paddies and open fields. It’s a fairly easy hike, especially when you compare it to the hike to get to Bomod-ok Falls. Of course, as with any hike, make sure to put on sunblock and hydrate.

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When we got to the falls, the water was somewhat murky because it had rained the night before and sediment had gotten washed into the river. That didn’t stop us, as you can clearly see in these photos. We climbed up the falls and walked upriver as far as we could, but returned to the basin for an afternoon of jumping off the rocks, sunning ourselves on the shore, and – naturally – taking photos.

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The sticks were so that they could check if the water was deep

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We only left a little after lunch, when we realized we were hungry. So I guess that’s my protip for anyone going to Bokong – bring food! All we had was water and beer, which we chilled by putting the bottles in the shallows of the river. Now that I think about it, Bokong Falls is the perfect spot for a picnic! 

Bokong Falls may not be one of the more popular sights to see in Sagada, but it has a unique charm all its own that still makes it worth seeing!


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