Ringing in the New Year with new planner(s)



The enthusiasm may seem unwarranted, but for someone like me who personifies ningas-kugon (a Filipino idiom which means someone who loves starting projects but can never finish them) this is absolutely a big deal. Here’s hoping I can keep this going to it’s first year (in March 2016!) and beyond.

Recently I’ve noticed that a popular topic for blogs every January is how to use and/or arrange one’s planner. Since there’s a million and one blog entries out there on how to use and organize a planner, I didn’t want to just make mine the million-and-second – but I also really, really, really, really want to talk about my planner. (Yes, I’m one of those Type A people obsessed with having the perfect planner.) Then I realized, I don’t just have one planner. I have a handful of different notebooks and journals that I use to organize my hectic, crazy life like a true-blue anal-retentive control freak. So I thought I’d blog about the different notebooks I use to stay organized.

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Please don’t be a creeper and google my real name now that you’ve seen it, lol.

My planner

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Brand-wise, my planner is nothing special. I picked it up for Php250 at National Bookstore. It’s one of those locally made planners that came out of some warehouse/factory in Q.C., but it’s actually pretty nice! It’s one of those planners that uses a whole page for a single day and is pretty minimalist, which I much prefer to the cutesy weekly/monthly planners most college students and bloggers use.

I also record down some thoughts, notes to myself, or an inspirational quote in my planner, especially if that day was particularly trying.

As much as possible, I try to avoid putting incredibly detailed lists in my planner, because it just looks so darn messy. For example, if I have to work on a certain project for the day, I’ll write that project down in my planner, but I’ll put all the necessary individual steps in a different notebook – my modified bullet journal.

What exactly is a modified bullet journal, you ask?

Modified bullet journal

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I first came across the idea of a bullet journal sometime last year (which still feels weird to say, because last year was a week ago…). I couldn’t fully get on board with it since it seemed like such a messy way to keep track of things, but as time went by and I saw pretty cool bullet journal posts on Pinterest I began to think it was a pretty nifty way to at least put some kind of organization towards my usual bevy of to-do lists littering my desk and purse.

My modified bullet journal is the A6 Recycled Notebook with Lined Paper from MUJI. There’s less organization to this notebook than an actual bullet journal – I don’t use an index, and I don’t have a daily/weekly/monthly/future log. This notebook really is just a compilation of all my to-do lists, with the added feature of the bullet journal concept of “migrating”, where I mark an item from a previous to-do list as “migrated” to another list if I couldn’t do it that day.

I also use this notebook to jot down grocery lists and lists of other things I need to buy (highlighted in green), my monthly budget (highlighted in pink), and budgeting for my travels (highlighted in yellow). I also write down little reminders to myself if I haven’t yet organized my thoughts to fit nicely into my planner.

Notebook for quotes, song lyrics, poems, puns, etc.

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I like collecting words. Inspiring passages from books, song lyrics, poetry, witty and/or lame puns and jokes – even the occasional Bible passage, when the mood strikes. I used to just type them down in my phone’s Notes app, but I came across this tiny little notebook in Fully Booked which was like Php80 (can you tell yet that I love buying notebooks?) and thought it would be perfect for my collection of words.

(For more reading on planners and organizing, check out Gabby’s post on her two-planner system over at The Swirl Blog. Home girl gets the need for more than one planner. )

And those are my planners/notebooks for the year! If any of you have posts on how you organize your planners or journals, please leave links in the comments. I’m nosy af and love seeing how people plot out their planners! 



18 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with new planner(s)

  1. First of all, let me congratulate you on bringing your blog into the new year. Having just started my 4th blog (I don’t have four blogs, I started and abandoned 3 blogs over the past 5 years and have just started my 4th), I can tell you it’s something that’s hard to keep up with. I probably embody ningas-kugon as well. But I’m happier with my latest blog than I have been with all these others. Here’s hoping I’ll still be working on it this time next year!

    Your planners sound awesome. I’m super curious about the inside of you first planner. After using Passion Planner for a year, I decided I needed each day to have it’s own page. I actually made my own planner for this year so I could have that. I don’t know why more planners aren’t set up like that.

    I may have to steal your last idea. I’m always finding quotes and phrases I love.

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    1. I found that the reason I had a difficult time maintaining my previous blogs was I wasn’t super interested in them. The first was purely a travel blog, the second was purely a book blog. But then I realized there was a lot more in my life than just my travels and my books that I wanted to talk about, so when I started this blog, I thought, “Hey, why not make it a lifestyle blog instead?” I’m pretty sure that means I no longer have a niche audience or whatever but hey, I’m happier this way! And I actually enjoy blogging now, as opposed to feeling like it’s a chore! I hope it’s the same way for you!

      My planner reads like a journal/to-do list, actually 😂 If it weren’t for the color-coding scheme I implemented, it’d be pretty messy! Still, the page-per-day setup is so convenient, isn’t it? Especially if you’ve got a million-and-one things to do. I guess most planners aren’t set up that way because more people prefer looking at their schedule for the entire week, rather than day by day? Wish there were more options for the latter though!

      Go ahead and steal the last idea! Now that I have an actual notebook to put them in, I’m seeing more quotes, lyrics, etc. everywhere!


      1. I found the exact same thing about blogging. I started with a lifestyle blog and then learned some tricks that got me a huge following. I started posting stuff that always got the most traffic, which were mostly political posts. And while I’m opinionated and like sharing my thoughts, it became a job. I thought I could fix that by creating a blog about all my nerdy hobbies, but no matter what I did, it felt like a job. So now I’m just going to write what I what, when I want. Hopefully I can get a handful of people interested enough to comment ^_^.

        I’m still in search of planner peace, even with the planner I made. It’s better than last year, but not perfect. And since I’m not one of those who buys a bunch of planners all at once, I’m just going to live with it. Try something new next year.


  2. I have a million and one notebooks too! I keep one for my bullet journal, one for song lyrics/poetry/ramblings, and one for my blog. I loved reading this post, and congrats on reaching your 1 year anniversary!

    – katrina // Yours Truly, Katrina


    1. I used the MUJI Weekly Planner last year! It’s minimalism is soooooo great isn’t it? Hayyyy MUJI paper products are the beeeeest. I can never pass by a MUJI without wanting to buy something 😂

      I may have to make a post nga about my planners! But maybe a little later on in the year when they’re more full so it looks nicer hehe 😉

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      1. I can’t believe i failed to follow back when i said I did! I could have sworn i pressed the follow button. No wonder I haven’t been getting notifications of your posts! 😧


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