ABCs (Art, Beer, and Cigarettes) in Antipolo


It’s practically par for the course of a twenty-something to feel burned out. We’re tired all the time, relying heavily on caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine to get us through the day. We’re pressured in almost all aspects of life, burdened with social, financial and/or work, family, and school responsibilities. On top of all that, we’re aware of any unhealthy aspects of our lifestyles and combat it by getting even tireder at the gym. No wonder half the time it’s like we’re awaiting the sweet release of death.

A couple weekends ago, a friend of mine from work got really, really, and I mean really burned out. Like, “I want to kill the people I work with,” level of burned out. So a bunch of us got together and planned a short day trip out of the city to detox. All that was left was to pick a place.

Most of us are from the South, so we decided a trip up north would make a nice change. I’d already been to the Pinto Art Museum once before and suggested we visit for our much-needed detoxification. Since nobody else had been, everyone was game, and off we went.

The museum is located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo City, and was opened almost sixteen years ago. You wouldn’t think it to see how well-kept and maintained it is. Mad props to the owners.

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Pinto Art Museum is one of the most beautiful places in the metro that I’ve ever seen. To look at it, you wouldn’t think it was located in the city. It’s a delightful little oasis for the weary city-dweller to retreat to when the responsibilities and stress get to be a little too much.

The word ‘pinto’ means door, and it’s a fitting name for this lovely place – a doorway to some much needed rest, relaxation, and art appreciation.

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It’s a brain. I’m not sure what it’s meant to signify. It’s just…idk, it’s a brain.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the five galleries (and all of that for only 200Php – sobrang sulit), taking photos and taking in the art.

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My friend Ellie checking out the art
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I tried to do the whole artsy insta pic where you’re looking at art and a “candid” photo of you is taken but it did not go well

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Fun fact. The paintings in this room were done by my friend’s dad, Mark Justiniani!
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The most pretentious piece in this whole museum lol

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The walk around the Pinto compound (which is freakin’ huge, by the way – wear comfortable shoes!) tired us out, so we decided to head to Cafe Lupe for dinner and drinks before going home. We ended the night with booze, cigarettes, live music, and this great view.

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Sometimes, when you gotta decompress, a short drive away from the city is all you need. Beaches and mountains are nice, but exotic vacations aren’t something you can easily drop money on and call it a day. Sometimes, art, beer, cigarettes, good friends, and a good view is enough.

From L to R: Derick, me, Ellie, Lovely, and Gladys

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