Half-Year Resolutions

half-year resolutions

I’m a firm believer in resolutions, but I don’t believe that you gotta wait until the start of a new year to start making them. We’re entering July now which means, holy shit, half of 2016 is over, and also I really should be getting my butt in gear making the whole self-improvement thing happen. Hence, the half-year resolutions!


Okay, I totally promised myself that 2016 was the year I was going to go back to the weight I was in college (I fully admit that I am not as body-positive as I’d like to be because I miss my skinny self like crazy), but I realize that, considering how busy I am with work and school, that goal might just be a little bit out of reach for me.

So instead, my half-year resolution is simply to work out more! Health, not skinniness, is the goal. I’ve started working out regularly this year, but I need to step up my game. I run and do resistance training twice a week, but I’m thinking of going back to doing yoga regularly and increasing the number of times I go running.

I may never get back to the weight my seventeen-year-old self was, and I need to learn how to make peace with that. And I think the best way to do that is to just keep on working out and getting myself healthier and stronger, and never mind getting skinny again!

2. Read diverse books.

I recently read this post by Fadwa @ Word Woonders, one of my favorite book bloggers, about reading more diverse books. As a queer POC (I’m Filipino, in case some of my posts haven’t made that clear, and I’m also bisexual, although that’s another post for another time), I live in a world where I can randomly pick up any book in a store and find it’s about the exact same person every time: the young, attractive, able-bodied, straight, white protagonist. I need to read books by people like me, written for people like me, so my reading habits have got to change.

Fadwa puts it much better than I ever could:

So I learnt a few things that I didn’t particularly like with the main one being that Own Voices authors are not very encouraged in the publishing area, they have to struggle more to get their stories out there and heard, and that they won’t become popular unless us, readers, decide to listen to what they have to say and promote their books. That’s when I decided it was time to step up. I pledge to read more diverse from now on.

 It means that we shouldn’t limit your reading to one culture, religion, sexual orientation or group of people. We read about white protagonists ? That’s good, now add to that black people, latinos, Arabs, native Americans, Indians etcetera etcetera… We can also read about Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists among other religions. Straight, queer, trans, asexual and so on and so forth. Let’s also not forget about illnesses and diseases. All voices deserve to be heard to the same extent.

3. Manage my money more responsibly

Remember how I talked about adulting and how part of that is regularly depositing in my savings account? Well, that’s still an ongoing project (thankfully) but the past few weeks, my spending habits have been – well, not out of control, but they could stand to improve.

I BLAME THE END-OF-SUMMER SALES. How am I supposed to resist hubadera clothes at 50% off when it’s always hubadera season in the Philippines? (Barring the annual deluge of typhoons, of course. But let’s face it, when it’s not raining, it feels like Satan’s asscrack. Hence, sleeveless tops, shorts, and sandals.) Don’t even get me started on the Php50 a book sale happening at Fully Booked this month.

4. Write more.

I’ve recently started writing again, after a long hiatus due to law school. I’m currently dabbling in fanfiction (check out my Archive of Our Own page here if you’d like – I write Cherik X-Men fanfic, please don’t judge) as well as making notes for a contemporary novel set in the Philippines.

(I’m thinking if I should blog about the process of trying to work on this – I feel like the blogosphere would prove to be a good source of information and support for budding writers. Anybody out there have any thoughts on this?)

Also, I’ve started writing more positive things in my journal! I mentioned in my previous post, How to Woman Up, that I’m usually a happy (if somewhat judgmental…) person because I write down all the bad things I feel in my journal. So I thought, maybe it’s time I write down some happier things in there as well.

What are your half-year resolutions?


5 thoughts on “Half-Year Resolutions

    1. I think it’s important that POC authors get more exposure! And it’d be nice to read about heroes/heroines that I can relate to with regard to racial and cultural experiences, rather than just universal ones that all teenagers/young adults go through. 🙂

      And I think we could all stand to be a little smarter about our money, hahaha!


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