May 2016 Reads

This year, as part of an effort to revive my old bookworm self, I joined the Goodreads Challenge and pledged to read at least fifty books by the end of the year. As you can probably imagine, I am woefully behind on my reading. I thought blogging about each month’s reads would keep on the … More May 2016 Reads

How to Woman Up

I was watching Big Hero 6 last night (for the umpteenth time…) when I realized just how much GoGo’s catchphrase resonated with me. “Woman up.” If you browse deep enough into my blog to find the first few posts, you’ll know the start of 2016 was not a good one for me. I highly doubt … More How to Woman Up

La Donya Aurora

There’s nothing I love more than a destination that combines history and culture with the wonders of nature. The province of Aurora in northeastern Philippines did more than deliver. It body-slammed me with its sheer beauty and pile-drived me into a sense of wonder and amazement. Weird metaphor, but stay with me here. Point is, … More La Donya Aurora