Girl vs. Mountain: Mt. Gulugod-Baboy

“Parang wallpaper ng Windows,” my friend murmured delightedly, as we scrolled through Instagram posts of Mt. Gulugod-Baboy on her phone. “‘Teletubby land’?” my boyfriend remarked, raising an eyebrow. He was looking at this blog entry, trying to figure out a way to commute to the Gulugod-Baboy jump-off point. “Yeah, it looks like the hills from … More Girl vs. Mountain: Mt. Gulugod-Baboy

The one with queer art and lots of wine

I’ve never been into “traditional” dates. Movies and dinners are nice for those ‘got off work early, wanna meet up?’ moments, but I want a little something more for special occasions. Which isn’t to say that I expect something extravagant every Valentine’s Day and anniversary. What I want is something more significant, something meaningful. Something … More The one with queer art and lots of wine

Post Uno

I was one of those people that had my life all planned out, each phase carefully plotted out like a chart. I never had one of those crises where I wondered what the fuck I was going to do in life. Even in college, which is when people are supposed to have all these questions … More Post Uno